Yasam Ayavefe

CEO - Milaya Capital Ltd

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe is a corporate executive and philanthropist with expertise in many industries. He was able to amass his wealth by making investments in some of the most profitable possibilities of his time. He is well-known globally and has led a life characterized by perceptive observations and a natural grasp of human nature. His dedication to the welfare of our planet has been a defining characteristic of his life as a philanthropist. Roles and Responsibilities at the Moment Ayavefe serves as the board's chairman for Milaya Capital Limited, controlled entirely by its management. The company was established in 2017 with Ayavefe as a key stakeholder, and its mission is to create a world with a sustainable future. Dr. Ayavefe is free to direct the firm in a way consistent with his ethical principles because the company is not subject to banking or insurance regulations. He has established the company's image quickly by emphasizing efficiency and transparency. His fundamental strategy has garnered much interest in the business and produced impressive results in all markets. The dividends have been enormous for a business still in its early stages. Ayavefe believes he must open doors that will transform the lives of those he works with by giving smart individuals new chances. He's always looking for intelligent people who know what they want from their portfolios.